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Vacuum Cleaner – Large (H-CLASS)


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PowerTech IVC-2000 Industrial Vacuum (HEPA Filter)

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow the vacuuming of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead based products including certain floor glues. Please be aware if we suspect hazardous material we will have the unit professionally tested for any traces and you will be charged for the cost of the unit**


4 Hours = $76

24 Hours = $95

7 Days = $340


H-classified industrial vacuum cleaner generally used when high filtration of concrete dust is required.

Equipped with HEPA-filters and offering an automatic filter cleaning during operation, allows this vacuum to provide continuous & powerful suction.

Lightweight, compact design and caster wheels allow for smooth transportation and operation.


Motor: Single Phase 240V 8amp
Input Power: 2.4kW
Weight: 48kg
Collection: Continuous drop-down bag

(Please note: Distance below is measured from our depot to your delivery address provided on checkout)

0 - 15km = $20

16 - 30km = $30

31 - 50km = $45

Delivery/Pick-up will be calculated & charged to your account by one of our team members once your order has been confirmed.

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