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Level, Dumpy – Automatic

Topcon AT-B4 Auto Level


4 Hours = $40

24 Hours = $50

7 Days = $200

*includes Tripod & Staff


A finely tuned optical instrument used to establish or verify relative differences of elevation.

With the help of the Vertical Staff the relative height of a specific location can be determined to verify grade or level.

Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation providing reliable levelling even near heavy machinery or roads where vibrations could be present.

Applications include setting out levels for slabs, footings, paths, driveways and landscaping.


Magnification: 24x
Accuracy: +/- 2mm over 1km

(Please note: Distance below is measured from our depot to your delivery address provided on checkout)

0 - 15km = $20

16 - 30km = $30

31 - 50km = $45

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