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Compactors & Rammers

Plate Compactors and Rammers are used in construction to apply stress to the earth by densification, reducing the space or air between soil particles.

Soil compaction is a vital part of the early construction process in order to provide a strong foundation reducing the risk of future settlement and movement for buildings, roadways, driveways, pathways, pavements and retaining walls.

The difference between a compactor and a rammer is the method of compaction. A plate compactor, also known as a vibratory plate compactor, uses vibration to compact soil as opposed to a rammer, also known as a jumping jack, whacker packer or tamping rammer, which uses impact. A plate compactor will cover a larger work area,whereas a tamping rammer may be more suited where greater compaction depth is required

Check the specifications of each unit to find the most suited product for your job, or contact our team to discuss.